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00Index of BitTorrent Enhancement Proposals
01The BitTorrent Enhancement Proposal Process
02Sample reStructured Text BEP Template
03The BitTorrent Protocol Specification
04Assigned Numbers
05DHT Protocol
06Fast Extension
07IPv6 Tracker Extension
08Tracker Peer Obfuscation
09Extension for Peers to Send Metadata Files
10Extension Protocol
11Peer Exchange (PEX)
12Multitracker Metadata Extension
14Local Service Discovery
15UDP Tracker Protocol for BitTorrent
17HTTP Seeding
18Search Engine Specificiation
19WebSeed - HTTP/FTP Seeding (GetRight style)
20Peer ID Conventions
21Extension for partial seeds
22BitTorrent Local Tracker Discovery Protocol
23Tracker Returns Compact Peer Lists
24Tracker Returns External IP
25An Alternate BitTorrent Cache Discovery Protocol
26Zeroconf Peer Advertising and Discovery
27Private Torrents
28Tracker exchange extension
29uTorrent transport protocol
30Merkle hash torrent extension
31Failure Retry Extension
32BitTorrent DHT Extensions for IPv6
33DHT Scrapes
34DNS Tracker Preferences
35Torrent Signing
36Torrent RSS feeds
37Anonymous BitTorrent over proxies
38Finding Local Data Via Torrent File Hints
39Updating Torrents Via Feed URL
40Canonical Peer Priority
41UDP Tracker Protocol Extensions
42DHT Security extension
43Read-only DHT Nodes
44Storing arbitrary data in the DHT
45Multiple-address operation for the BitTorrent DHT
46Updating Torrents Via DHT Mutable Items
47Padding files and extended file attributes
48Tracker Protocol Extension: Scrape
49Distributed Torrent Feeds
50Publish/Subscribe Protocol
51DHT Infohash Indexing
52The BitTorrent Protocol Specification v2
53Magnet URI extension - Select specific file indices for download
54The lt_donthave extension
55Holepunch extension