Metainfo Utilities

torf-cliCLIPythonHighly recommended utility for creating torrents and magnet links, as well as displaying information about and editing existing torrents.
mktorrentCLICPopular but unmaintained torrent file creator.
pmktorrentCLICMaintained fork of mktorrent.
mktorrentLibraryRubyLibrary for creating torrent files.
py3createtorrentCLIPythonTorrent file creator.
create-torrentLibrary & CLIJavaScriptJavascript library and CLI for creating torrents.
whatmp3CLIPythonTorrent file creator that automatically transcodes FLAC files.
torrent-file-editorGUIC++Graphical torrent file editor.
torrent2magnetCLIPythonCreates magnet links from torrent files.
h2torrentCLIPythonCreates .torrent files from an infohash or magnet URI.
dottorrentLibraryPythonLibrary for creating torrent files
dottorrent-cliCLIPythonTorrent file creator.
torrent-creatorWeb pageTypescriptSingle-page web app torrent file creator.
pyrocoreCLIPythonUtilities for creating, modifying, and displaying torrent files.
buildtorrentCLICTorrent file creator packaged for Ubuntu and Debian
maketorrentCLIRustTorrent file creator.