Intermodal: A 40’ shipping container for the Internet

Intermodal is a user-friendly and featureful command-line BitTorrent metainfo utility for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Project development is hosted on GitHub.

The binary is called imdl:

$ imdl --help

BitTorrent metainfo related functionality is under the torrent subcommand:

$ imdl torrent --help

Announce the infohash to all trackers in the supplied .torrent file, and print the peer lists that come back:

$ imdl torrent announce --input foo.torrent

Intermodal can be used to create .torrent files:

$ imdl torrent create --input foo

Intermodal can be used to dump arbitrary bencode files:

$ imdl torrent dump --input foo.torrent

Intermodal can be used to create a .torrent file from a magnet link:

$ imdl torrent from-link magnet:?foo

Print information about existing .torrent files:

$ imdl torrent show --input foo.torrent

Verify downloaded torrents:

$ imdl torrent verify --input foo.torrent --content foo

Generate magnet links from .torrent files:

$ imdl torrent link --input foo.torrent

Show information about the piece length picker:

$ imdl torrent piece-length

Print completion scripts for the imdl binary:

$ imdl completions --shell zsh

Functionality that is not yet finalized, but still available for preview, can be accessed with the --unstable flag:

Print information about a collection of torrents:

$ imdl --unstable torrent stats --input dir

Happy sharing!