imdl torrent stats

imdl-torrent-stats 0.1.13
Show statistics about a collection of .torrent files.

    imdl torrent stats [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] --input <PATH>

    -h, --help       Print help message.
    -p, --print      Pretty print the contents of each torrent as it is
    -V, --version    Print version number.

    -e, --extract-pattern <REGEX>...
            Extract and display values under key paths that match `REGEX`.
            Subkeys of a bencodeded dictionary are delimited by `/`, and values
            of a bencoded list are delmited by `*`. For example, given the
            following bencoded dictionary `{"foo": [{"bar": {"baz": 2}}]}`, the
            value `2`'s key path will be `foo*bar/baz`. The value `2` would be
            displayed if any of `bar`, `foo[*]bar/baz`, or `foo.*baz` were
            passed to `--extract-pattern.
    -i, --input <PATH>
            Search `PATH` for torrents. May be a directory or a single torrent
    -l, --limit <N>
            Stop after processing `N` torrents. Useful when processing large
            collections of `.torrent` files.